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Targeted abuse of content creators on digital stores


Lets be honest, this is abuse, it’s targeted hate speech towards the developer (FYI, Seth didn’t sell his studio).
It’s not a “negative review” nor is it a “comment about the game”.
It doesn’t mention the game at all, just a lack of online players ( and in my day, we BYO’ed friends😁)
And not being updated (again in my day software was finished when it’s burnt to physical media).
He finishes up with a death threat at the end.
This isn’t acceptable, yet it’s tolerated and normal in today’s online world!
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Why indie developers should consider making games
for the Nintendo 3DS!


The TL;DR version is:

Update: I’ve started blogging my 3DS #Nindie game development.

Firstly, I’ll start by saying, I’m no indie, I’m just an old hobbyist, so take all this with a grain of salt!
Also, if it’s not apparent by my (Playstation) site, I’m not a Nintendo FanBoy, but there’s a lot that impressed me with the 3DS!
But to “Do the Math”

The Atari Jaguar slogan “Do the Math” is very apt here, with over 70+ million original 3DS compatible units in the wild and with only about 15 new games being launched per month, it’s a financial “no brainier” to be on 3DS! (Not actual financial advice)

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