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Dev Ops with Nintendo 3DS game development

March 05, 2019, at 07:20 PM by mgarcia in 2019, 3DS, Pics, GameDev, Blog (4 comments)

The problem with starting from scratch, is just that, it requires everything to be redone.. even a new development workflow AKA dev-ops, new make and ....

Image: new make and


Restarting on a new engine... crazy I know!

February 27, 2019, at 06:26 PM by mgarcia in 2019, 3DS, PC, Pics, GameDev, Blog (1 comments)

Yeah, it sucks to go back to nothing.. but had to be done. Targeting the original Nintendo 3DS with 3D requires a pretty lean engine. And while my old....

Image: Restarting on a new engine crazy I know


A gamedev's answer to Why do New 3DS 2DS exclusive games exist?

December 11, 2018, at 12:37 PM by mgarcia in 2018, Blog, 3DS, GameDev (3 comments)

Because the original is too under powered for indies and it has better controls.

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