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A webring is a group of sites which share a common interest and have a forward and back links to each other's sites via a footer or side panel.

Some reasons why you might want a site or blog:

Here is the directory of the indie webring.

Want to be part of the indie webring?
First set up a h-card on your site.
Then register your site at https://xn--sr8hvo.ws/
Next, you'll need to add the footer and then verify it.
That's it.

For info: https://indieweb.org/indiewebring

I also have an open gamedev RSS feed list going.


The webring is here: http://webringo.com/browsering.php?id=820

This webring is about bloggers who are creating their own video games. It's open to everyone making video games and writing a blog (http only, https currently not supported).
The WebRing NavBar (next, back, etc) must appear on all pages of the blog.

Signing up to webringo, but the benefit is that you can customize your banner (colours and sizes). If you don't want to sign up to webringo, contact me (in the comments below or mike (_a_t_) mgarcia.org) with these details, and I'll add your site:

Name- How ever you like to name your site, up to 50 characters.
URL- The ring code must be placed on this page to validate.
Title- A short, descriptive blurb about the site, up to 80 characters.
Description- Up to 2000 characters. Extra characters will be discarded.
Keywords- Words separated by spaces, up to 250 characters. Extra characters will be discarded.
Orientation- Horizontal or Vertical.
Type- Code in JavaScript, iframe or static HTML .

Anyway, leave any thoughts below.

1 comments on "Webring of Bloggers"

  • han kyungsun: 2022-02-12 04:07 +0100
    good luck

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