My thoughts on stadia, Google's new video game console

March 19, 2019, at 11:25 PM by mgarcia in 2019, Industry, GameDev, Blog (0 comments)

Title: My thoughts on stadia, Google's new video game console Author: mgarcia Date: 2019-03-20 09:25 +1100 Tags: 2019, Industry, GameDev, Blog Comments: Open

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  youtube video: Google's Stadia Announcement at GDC 2019 in Under 14 Minutes 

No, it's not the early 2010's again, it's 2019 and google is delivering a streaming video game console, cough cough.. sorry not a console, a service, or just a controller.

A lot of buzz words.. but it's nothing new, just a streaming service like Microsoft's, NVidia's and Sony's. Unreal Engine, Unity3D support and powered by Linux and Vulkan, I'm getting flash backs to SteamOS now.

The data center is your platform, oh boy.. who in marketing approved this? --cringe--

The problem with streaming is the lag getting to the providers servers, on average my lag is 25 milliseconds (off peak) to, which is pretty good, but at peak and with load, I wouldn't want to trust my framerate with it.

This is all I heard... developers, developers, developers, developers....

Wow, and no mention of VR.. ha not really a surprise there. At least it's not a netflix model and google is setting up their own video game studio, that's the only good news here so far for me! Well, I think it's great google has entered the gaming market, both as a studio and "console", but I think the platform (service) is a rehash of existing tech and comes across as very low effort. I just hope they rethink the streaming and make it a real console.. like an Android console maybe?

Oh and the Stadia S logo, to me looks like the marketplace shopping chains.

Google's Phil Harrison replied to the negative feed, a console which nobody asked for. Google is betting on economy of scale... the race to the bottom. Maybe in 50+ years when AI is making games.

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