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I've just posted a long post on Dan's blog, I'll mirror it here:

 Hey Dan,
 I picked up a working PSONE (102 PM-41-51) got it for an amazing prize 40AUD!
 And wanting to turn it into a pseudo Net Yaroze, I’m trying to figure out your CPU/pad pinout image, but it’s very low res, I guess it’s not required as there’s different versions of the MB.
 Anyway, here are some of my notes so far, I hope you don’t mind me adding to your tuts
 For anyone else wanting to do this: I found a good service manual with all PSONE rev MOBO’s pinouts, PDF’s here:

 Defor (from AS forum as you said) “(Pins 70-75 of the CPU on both board layouts specifically) ” which looks correct on my MB also.

 I see his PSONE image (topside) is wired the same as yours (not sure which rev MB tho)

 So I’m still figuring out which CPU pins/Pads correspond to my MB and the serial FDTI as per your Net Yaroze cable tut

 I’ll post a pic of my MB with that I think looks correct

The top left is from dan's post on psxdev, next is a close up of 70-75 pins.

6 is red and the pin from the CPU goes nowhere, so I assume it's wire next to the lid open switch, bottom right, My board has a resistor, which is what the psONE manual (pdf link above) has.

The embedded images are from defor's "pics of the psone topside":

On the left is the 3.3v power to the FTDI serial board, there's solder pads above the 123 numbers, 1 is positive, 3 is negative.

Would be nice to get confirmation of the above looks correct before soldering, it might also help others too :)



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