My simple game engine architecture

January 13, 2019, at 03:35 AM by mgarcia in 2019, Blog, GameDev, Pics (1 comments)

Title: My simple game engine architecture Author: mgarcia Date: 2019-01-13 13:35 +1100 Tags: 2019, Blog, GameDev, Pics Comments: Open

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1 comments on "My simple game engine architecture"

  • mgarcia: 2019-01-13 13:35 +1100
    Very technical at the bottom.. basically SDL2 and OpenGL does the heavy lifting, on Nintendo 3DS it's all "Do It Yourself" to replicate the same functionality that I use (which isn't that much).

    On top of SDL I have some functions which massage the data into the required data types.
    The Game Libs are pretty basic stuff, lighting I do in software (CPU) and used in RGB values, MD2 is QUAKE's 1 & 2 vector animation file format.
    Capturing input and playing it back is easy to do and a must for any gamedev!
    Next is the core loop code, this is mostly game specific, 2D & 3D specific code and game logic code.

    The pipeline is mostly straight forward, except for the world.. the 3DS really can't process many polygons, so Chunks with Chunks and 3 levels of LOD is pretty much required.

    This is what a real game engine looks like:

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