My all in one texture

April 20, 2019, at 07:05 AM by mgarcia in 2019, Pics (0 comments)

Title: My all in one texture Author: mgarcia Date: 2019-04-20 15:05 +1000 Tags: 2019, Pics Comments: Open

Image: Blog.2019-04-20-My-all-in-one-texture

Click to view original image: 186kb

Tilable (repeating textures) images from

The font is created using Codehead's Bitmap Font Generator:

Created using this script:

Bash script-

rm *.tga
cd non-alpha/64

rm ../*.tga
for img in *.tga ; do
	echo "file $img"; 
	echo "size $size"; 
	echo "_width $_width"; 
	echo "_height $_height"; 

 	convert ../append_row-$_height.tga $img +append ../append_row-$_height.tga


        if ((_height >= main_size)); then
	  echo error height

        if ((_width >= main_size)); then

echo " "
echo " "

cd ..

for img in *.tga ; do
	echo "file $i"; 
	echo "size $size"; 
	echo "_width $_width"; 
	echo "_height $_height"; 		

	echo convert all.tga $img -append all.tga
 	convert all.tga $img -append all.tga

echo " "
convert -size 1024x1024 xc:transparent  -compress none bigAlpha.tga

composite -compress none -gravity north all.tga bigAlpha.tga bigAlpha.tga

cp bigAlpha.tga ..

cd ..

echo put the font at the bottom.
composite -compress none -gravity south alpha/CBFG/text.tga bigAlpha.tga bigAlpha.tga

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