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These are the only photos I have of when I programmed my Net Yaroze in 2000.

These images were taken with my Gameboy Color Camera, 160x144 pixels with 2 bit (4) colours.

Net Yaroze
Me next to my Net Yaroze on it's side to dissipate heat, there's a small wooden, art model next to it.
I remember I had my cable modem above the Net Yaroze, thus the cables.

Net Yaroze and manuals
From top left, some books next to the Net Yaroze manuals in their holder.
Next is a controller followed by the Net Yaroze it's self and my wooden art model.
My PC tower on the right, with a floppy hanging out.
Below the Net Yaroze there is a monitor which is on displaying an image and left to it a keyboard
I remember I used a cheap RCA capture card, before getting a cheap black and white TV to avoid the capture lag.
The tower was my first dual CPU PC (a MSI server board), but I initially bought it with only a single intel P3 700Mhz and 2 500MB RAM sticks.
Later, in 2001, my last year of university, I bought the other 700Mhz CPU and another 2 500MB RAM sticks.
I drank a lot of Jolt caffeine drinks and stuck the labels all over it! By the end of the year that machine was covered in them!

Net Yaroze setup
All my books on the top left, with the Net Yaroze manuals, controller and console.
In the cabinet under the monitor, I recall the flatbed scanner (I think the lid is up) which is under the keyboard, the rest I don't remember.
But I would guess it's a second PC specifically for Net Yaroze programming ie windows 98
Looking at the other desk I have a keyboard under that monitor on the right, which is off.

Net Yaroze on and working
Me on another desk with stuff I have no idea what it is, but that's where I read books!

Net Yaroze setup
Me infront of the other desk

This is where I coded my 2001 Net Yaroze game !
I used the Gameboy Color Camera to capture the head textures.
My characters were my mother's partner at the time and my brother.

Net Yaroze game Net Yaroze Jim
Net Yaroze game
Net Yaroze texture

Thanks for reading.
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