Political Correctness is hilarious if it wasnt real

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A rant about Censorship and Political Correctness.

I remember as a kid watching 80's and 90's action movies, the film industry also made "for TV" versions that would censor bad language, nudity, strong violence and gore, or the TV stations would just cut them out (poorly, sometimes making no sense).

Growing up I thought this was fare and it make perfect sense to "protect" the general public from that content on a public, free to air medium, besides adults would have already watched it in the cinemas or rented the videos or DVD's, which physically applied an age restriction to that content.


ridiculous edited for tv movie lines

What concerns me more is today's platform ideological censorship, most on the internet have strong beliefs, but they don't really know why, because of feelings? Anything with a pulse has 'feelings'. So what feelings?

To be humane is not just to acknowledge feelings, but actions, dignity, purpose, intent, respect, reciprocity, merit, freedom, etc etc. to solely focus on feelings, is in my opinion, lazy philosophical pornography!

It's easy to take or "project" offense, but nobody has a right "not to be offended", we don't live in a protective bubble or a dictatorial regime, which is pretty much what the "social" hive platforms are heading to.

To be honest I find political correctness and grievance highly distracting. It's self validating, self flagellating and ultimately self defeating. It's cancerous, taking time and focus away from something beneficial. It consumes everything that everyone does, and there is really no "safe space" from the "in cult" of political correctness and grievance, everyone is guilty of something.

I'm not a fan of Joe Rogan, but Jonathan Haidt is interesting to listen to.


Joe Rogan Experience #1221 - Jonathan Haidt


The Coddling of the American Mind: A First Principles Conversation with Dr. Jonathan Haidt

Here is a link to the latest Johnathon Heidt youtube talks.

How it is funny?

Have you ever seen a mime artist in real life on the streets? I mean a real mime, not a statue impersonator. I don't think I have, or at least I can't recall having so.

My point is, it's something I can't relate to, is it serious or entertainment? both? Well, it's neither for me, maybe it's a generational thing?

It's funny laughing at overly emotional, sad clowns I guess, and before it's over another even more emotional clown comes along!
The world has a never ending stream of narcissist, outrage, victim hood, sad mime clowns, all uploading for attention and validation on the social media street, urr feed.

But is it real? does it matter? does the audience know what they're watching? I don't know.
I find Marcel Mangel, the real man behind the funny clown face, far more interesting then the mime "meme" Marcel Marceau!
So yeah, to me, grievance is a meme.


Marcel Marceau

An internet trend.

With parents exposing young children to online connected devices, the age of average internet user drops, to the age of adolescences or young adult, who are very effected by peer pressure of the group and it's 'group think'.

Interaction online was more candid 10+ years ago, people spoke in a wide spectrum like adults do, from positive to negative, to (brutally) honest to mean stupidity. But I don't take any of it personally, because after all we are just strangers.

Discord is interesting, it’s like IRC back in the day.
After using it for a year, I’ve realized, most discord server I’ve joined can’t focus on the topic it was set up for! For example, hand made network and game from scratch. You would think they focus on low level stuff and hand made tech. I guess some people there talk about it, but some also talk about their 'indie' game made with XYZ script engine (ie marketing).

Neither, even have a single miserable channel just for hand made tech, ie not script engine stuff.

I’ve been in two different PSXDEV servers and the owners couldn’t “control” the unity3D PS1 shader coders.. like it’s all the same? FFS Absolutely ridiculous!

I never considered, discord or IRC or any real-time chat as social media, I figured people would just be "normal"... but nope.

I think people are "programmed" on social media, like a new normal and carry it like baggage.
So what's happening? I think there is two main kinds of person on line, and neither is conducive to the "normal" person:

Fake positive.

Fake positivity (I don't know of a better thing to call it), is like watching a 1950's show on TV, where every show has a lesson and then everyone lives happily ever after, well until the next show anyway.

Today, most are pretending to be living perfect lives, with their perfect social feed of high res images and videos of great food, great smiles, great trips, great materialistic things, etc, etc. Like some kind of weird 1950's happiness competition?

Image: 1950s group of people happily clapping to music.

The extremes of this is 'activism', because we live in a world of "social outrage", and "everything is political", we now place a high importance on "tweets". Do you think the average "social activist" even knows who their local government representative is? I doubt it, let alone communicated with them.

Activist, have to keep the 'flock' together, this typically means no free thought (group think) and censorship (safespaces). All policing each other, to make sure it's on script for group 'happiness'.

Well, like the 1950's TV shows, real life doesn't work out perfectly holding rigid narratives and beliefs that look great on a tweet, but not in reality.

One of the things the pre web 2.0 internet was known for, was it's honesty! This isn't the case anymore.
People hold back from honesty because it could be seen as offensive so only reply in positive terms, which is good until you realize the trade off is "no constructive criticism" or any form of opposing opinions.

Ask a question where you know you will get back a negative reply, and most will just ignore it and wont answer it, some even validating the wrong as a right! Which is more harmful? information good or bad that can help, or making people feel better but not solving anything?

Adding to that, people now have a "filter" where they project their "programming" or beliefs depending on the person's immutable traits, sex, sexual preference, skin colour, religion, politics etc.
If someone is asking for feed back on XZY, these personal traits have nothing to do with any feedback, yet this is encouraged online. So what's the "fake" feedback worth?

mea culpa?

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and a popular road today is called 'victim blaming'. I'm not saying to hate on the person with a problem, but if the person isn't adult enough to even take a tiny tiny bit of responsibility for their part, they have lost a learning opportunity, and further to this, now the community can't provide any real guidance or some "tough love", as it was called.

As a migrant with a typical latino sounding surname (Garcia), I've had the real "privilege" (as opposed to grievance BS privilege) of having two languages, two cultures, two customs and traditions, two passports to two continents and with two identities, two origins, two homes, two family and friend network.
The two are night and day, neither are perfect, but I love them both. If that's not real privilege, then I don't know what is!

Anyway, Most older, non English, Latin speaking people "internalize" victim blaming on themselves, it's call 'mea culpa' ( a formal acknowledgment of personal fault or error ):

Mea culpa, which means "through my fault" in Latin, comes from a prayer of confession in the Catholic Church. 

Said by itself, it's an exclamation of apology or remorse that is used to mean "It was my fault" or "I apologize." Mea culpa is also a noun, however. 
A newspaper might issue a mea culpa for printing inaccurate information, or a politician might give a speech making mea culpas for past wrongdoings. 

Mea culpa is one of many English terms that derive from the Latin culpa, meaning "guilt." 
Some other examples are culpable ("meriting condemnation or blame especially as wrong or harmful") and culprit ("one guilty of a crime or a fault").

It might have started with religion, but it's a cultural thing now, to the point it's almost exaggerated, here is a common phrase: I'm even more sorry, which means to take culpability for the mistakes of others and to know better next time.

Anyway, continuing with the 1950's theme, if the internet is such a happy place, why is there so much hate and anger online? The answer is, because it's the right kind of hate.

It sounds weird, that a modern society would encourage double standard attacks, based on personal traits, but here we are. For example, look at a few blue tick twitters accounts, these people are typically righteously indignant and you'll see a few unavailable retweets meant to shame their wrong think "victims", subsequently they get blocked for being assholes and that retweet is there on their feed, but becomes "unavailable". It's a new feature since I stopped using it, hopefully it'll stop douche bags from being toxic, but old habits are hard to break!

Sex doesn't sell, it's offensive now! indignant hate, anger and outrage is the new sex!

I think this 1950's style "fake positivity" evolved from the popularity of social activism on hive sites, wanting change, but at the expense of wanting truth.
But what happened after the fake positivity bubble popped in the late 1960's and reality hits?

Image: Michael Douglas in Falling Down. 1993. Portraying a 1950's man giving up on a modern world.

Validating harm.

So if you are young, and you grow up in this environment of filters and fakeness, it's easy to go the other way, especially if you don't fit in a group. Despair, fear, depression and anger, from what I've seen, these people with legitimate mental illnesses instead of getting treatment, they go online for help.

Image: Man sobbing onto his mobile phone.

Unfortunately, the internet with well meaning (or not) "fake positivity" advice givers, which mostly serves to validate harm (again the best term I can come up with), normalizing bad ideas or reality denial, isn't going to end well.

But worse, is when it turns into social activism, where people with mental illnesses self proclaim to be a 'protected class' or 'grievance victim' where nothing constructive can be said.

With no honest and balanced views, mixed with the highly addictive nature of social platforms, the internet of today is a negative feedback loop.

Image: Camel ad: Doctor recommending Camel cigarettes.

Requiem For a Dream, addiction and reality denial

Well, that's it, I've written a lot about my social experience before, this is just an extension to that. I’ve been back on RSS for the last year and it’s great.. I use seamonkey (the old mozilla browser with a HTML page creator, RSS, newsgroup reader & mail).


Happiness pill is .... getting off social media

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