C/C++ programmers are not script programmers

February 06, 2019, at 10:55 AM by mgarcia in 2019, Industry, Pics, GameDev, Blog (0 comments)

Title: C/C++ programmers are not script programmers Author: mgarcia Date: 2019-02-06 20:55 +1100 Tags: 2019, Industry, Pics, GameDev, Blog Comments: Open

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I really hate generic internet advice!

Learning C/C++ is much harder then a scripting language because it's lower level and involves a complicated toolchain.

Reading the OP, they're not a noob, already knowing how to program OpenGL and SDL.

OP writes

"I have done various mathematical stuff with SDL (mandelbrot etc, in C++) and I have programmed a relatively complicated program (physical simulation) with 3D graphics in C++ OpenGL"

OP is making great progress and developing better skills compared to that on a proprietary platform!
An engine can be as basic as you want it to be, and OP knows their stuff!

So, anyone that recommends unity or gamemaker to this person is a complete dick! Funny how they defend it with their pretentious twitter psycho babble.

The post is here

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