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Original post and comments from Atari Museum’s facebook group here.
I dislike facebook and wanted a snapshot of this.
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Nintendo N64 - Homebrew starting guide

I’m documenting my N64 development here.
This is the start of my journey with the Nintendo N64, so here’s a bit of my background with it.
I’ve never had one!
To be honest, I don’t think I’ve even played one!

But as of 9th of December 2017, I bought a ‘cheap’ N64 on ebay for $160AUD.
I put in a low bid, thinking I would be out bid and oh well, I guess I’m committed now!

Original NINTENDO 64 PAL console in original box with instruction booklet and all original plastic bags, chord and controller.
Extras include authentic expansion pack, extra controller, 2 rumble packs and jumper pack.
Excellent condition.
All original and authentic.

My next purchase will be the 64drive.
Expensive, but not that bad for a N64 ‘development kit’ ;)
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- Draft -

A Net Yaroze Postmortem and gamedev lessons learnt

In 2016, I spent most of my spare time hacking away with the old playstation, Net Yaroze.
You can see all my Net Yaroze blog posts here.

My previous experience with the Net Yaroze was back in 1999.
I bought it after seeing a UK OPSM (Official PlayStation Magazine) demo disc video saying it was discounted.

At the time I was a IT student (Computer Science), I started in software development, programming C/C++, win32/MFC/OpenGL and Java.
But I majored in information systems (Enterprise), in the mid/late 1990’s business ERP products were all the rage!
It took me about a year to go through the manuals and Black Art of 3D Game Programming before actually starting anything substantial.
On my Christmas break of 2000 for 3 months, I remember being locked away in my room and crunching so hard, I was actually looking forward to the start of uni!
I learnt how to master the clunky 3D format and made a 3D side scrolling demo, with animated block people, very much like minecraft.

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Friend: Dino Dini (dndn1011)


Dino Dini, started his game development career in 1979 with the Acorn System (kit) and the BBC Micro (8bit micro computer)

In the late 80’s after university, he went on to make Kick off 1 & 2 and Player Manager games for the Atari ST and Amiga, 16bit micro computers.
Dino, received two Golden Joystick Award (Game of the Year) for both Kick off games.

Next he created GOAL! for Amiga, Atari ST, and ported it to the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis calling it Dino Dini’s Soccer.

In the mid 1990’s he went to the USA and worked on many playstation 1 and N64 titles.
He then went on to teach game development in a Netherlander university.
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