Friend: Robert Swan (Rob the Swan Dev)


Rob Swan, started his game development career in 1997 with the Net Yaroze 😄
He made some very well known games on the PS1, thanks to the Official Playstation Magazine (OPSM) Demo CD’s (PAL regions).
His most famous PS1 game being Adventure game:

He went on to make console games (GBA, PS2, Xbox360, Wii) and “homebrew” games for web(Flash), PC and XNA (xbox360).

He is a great C/C++/OpenGL programmer but more importantly a great ‘all-rounder’ gamedev!
Keen to tackle anything and everything.. even webpage development 👍

When it comes to game design, he’s no slouch there either.
Drawing from his own experiences, ideas and adding he’s unique brand of comedy and satire.

Watch/listen to Rob’s interview talking everything game development and design with Josh Bycer.

Great interview here also.

Rob’s new game, diorama is inspired by minecraft but it’s 100% a lot more!
Try the free alpha demo:

I’ve been following Rob since the start of 2016, and I have a playlist of moments I found interesting, from his twitch stream.

I’ve learnt a lot from Rob (technical and industry stuff), he’s always happy to answer random questions in his twitch streams.
And I’m proud to call him my friend!

Rob’s Links:

Personal Website:, but his old site had some interesting info and interviews.

Follow Rob on: twitter, twitch and discord.