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Great interviews of Net Yaroze members

Youtube feeds: Yaroze PSXDEV

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Development stuff

I use code::blocks I did some videos on how I set it up here:


Operating Systems:
Linux - Mint linux 17.1
WindowsXP - I only use winXP!
VirtualBox - WinXP (rarely Win98 for official Net Yaroze and rsdAnim)
Dosbox is required for the official Net Yaroze SDK/Toolchain to run in WinXP or greater

Art tools:
Shade3D - Simple tool, does everything, with 100% correct exports!.
Shade 3D has both mesh and node/scene editing.

fragmosoft - I have a license, preferred it to milkshape, not all export formats are 100% correct and it doesn’t do node/scene base animation/modeling

anim8or Like fragmotion, simple yet powerful, anim8or has a good node/scene editor and a simple text file export. Get the latest version here

Blender3D - not all export formats are 100% but it runs great in linux/windows and has a lot of free plug-in’s (ie RSD)

Gimp - Excellent tool for imaging and pallet editing, works great in linux/windows ( runs the TIM photoshop plugin’s).

Paint shop pro - Also runs the TIM photoshop plugin, I use an old version 7 on winXP

Audacity - free Audio tool

Emulators which I use are:
win32 No$PSX - no bios required
Linux PCSXR (built from code)
Both output Printf’s for debugging.

Legally free PSXDEV lib/toolchain
Legal reversed engineered 2D library with toolchain
PSXSDK Github (non Sony)

Residential Evil mod’er

Good info/software

Dev Help

Playable Net Yaroze games
Huge CDROM of Net Yaroze games Thanks to qobol

Old sites:
Yaroze Times
Code Jesters second site
SCEA Launch notice
SCEI Launch notice
first review
contact me via twitter @mgarcia_org.