MOJO 7”: A full size portable
A big screen with a real controller!

The following is a documentation of how I use the Mad Catz’s Travel Clip (aka Moga Pro feature) with my 7” tablet.
My youtube video of me setting up and using it.

Obviously the controller (called CTRLR) wasn’t made for 7” tablets, it was made only for mobile phones.
I take no responsibility if you choose to follow my guide, follow at your own risk.
But I find that it works fine following these rules:

  • Do not put extra force or weight: no pushing, pulling or fast movements (running etc).
  • Do not over stretch the Travel Clip.
  • Do not leave Travel Clip on the tablet.

If you decide to try it out, please read and understand all of this before starting.
And let me know how you go, send me a photo of yours and I’ll put it up here with your name and comments on it.
I’m sure there is a better way of doing this, but this was quick, cheap and easy.

I would say it’s a better clone of the NVIDIA Shield (which I haven’t used) because of the 2 inch bigger screen, obviously it also depends on the tablet you use.

Surprisingly, it is a really fun way to play, It’s more intimate because of the larger screen and a familiar controller, I guess that must be the appeal the Shield is targeting.
It doesn’t feel like a children’s product because of it’s size and weight.

You’ll need a good tablet

My tablet is a year old, cheapish (2013 $180USD) mali400 2GB-Ram with HDMI out (hyundai T7s).
I bought it instead of the Ouya, so glad I did, definitely getting my monies worth now!
It has it’s own charging power plug, so I can use the BT4 dongle while it charges.
I recommend this as a minimum, as it struggles with 16bit emulation.

I have the same games/emulators setup on here as the MOJO, obviously it doesn’t play as nice, but does the job :)
I’ve been playing mostly N64: Mortal Kombat 4 is smooth, Golden Eye 007 plays around (10-30fps) and Destruction Derby playable but lags badly (9-25fps) on the tablet.

If you are lucky enough to have a 7-inch, Tegra 4 (or better) tablet and the Mad Catz’s CTRLR, then this set up would allow you play identically as on the MOJO, portably!

The CTRLR & Travel Clip’s strength

It is kinda heavy holding it, close to 1KG as a guess.
It’s not to bad if upright and balanced, but when angled the weight of the tablet is more noticeable as it is top heavy.

It’s sturdy, I’ve played it a few hours now and it doesn’t come of unintentionally.
I take it apart after each use, as I don’t want the springs ‘remembering’ that position.

The CTRLR’s build and Travel Clip attachment molding (where the screw goes in), looks to me solid enough to hold the extra weight and forces.
Even with the screw on tightly, there’s a tiny bit of play when extra forces are applied.
This is because most of the weight is at the top of the Travel Clip.

This should be avoided as it’s the flexing of the Travel Clip’s bottom molding (where the screw goes in).
I doubt it would break (unless you are trying), as it’s 2-3mm solid plastic with bracing, but I still would be mindful.
I wouldn’t recommend using it while moving ie running/walking for example but fine for sitting in a car, train etc.
Update: I found I can use the same bracket as support for the clip’s lower half which greatly removes the flex issue.

There is no chance of breaking the CTRLR!
If extreme force is applied what could break would be the bottom of the Travel Clip.
Depending on the angle, the tablet could come of the bracket, or the string from the Travel Clip as these are the weakest points.

Overall, I have no hesitation in using this while commuting or on the couch etc.
I find I don’t notice the weight while playing, it feels comfortable and well portioned (screen distance from the controller).

Building the MOJO 7”


Below is what I used, you don’t have to use exactly this but it has to be strong enough!:

  • 500mm of Bricklayer’s string lines, it’s thin and very strong.
  • Two small steal shelf brackets. Make sure you can’t bend it with your fingers.
  • Paper or electrical Tape for padding.
  • Optional precision screw driver to help undo knots.

The brackets are 3×3cm (28×28mm) and 15mm wide, galvanized steal, with holes in each end, made for small shelving.
For a more professional look, you could use a coloured heat shrink tube over the brackets once finished.
Click the images to see in full size.


The bracket for the hook needs to be angled so it holds the tablet, around +/- 45° degree.
You can use pliers or hit it with a hammer to close it a bit.

Once it’s bent, you want to tape it up to protect the tablet from scratches.
Tape one side of the bracket, putting most of the tape in the corner and on the tip so it holds the tablet better.
I start lightly and then put more tape once the string is at the right length.
I cut off the over hanging tape.

Next, get the string and half it and put it through the screw hole.
I also do knots on each ends.

This is the complicated part!
You want to tie it together, so you can take it apart if you need to resize it (give it slack or make tighter).
Start by just tying the ends together, it will be too loose.

Assembling the MOJO 7” for the first time!

First put the Travel Clip on the CTRLR and screw it in.

Get the bracket put the knot closest to the bracket hole.
Next, put string loop over the top of the Travel Clip, letting it hang down behind the clip.

Place the tablet in the middle of the Travel Clip’s bottom holder.
It should rest in the plastic corners.

Next, holding the tablet and the bottom of the clip with your left hand, pull the hook straight up, (lifting the clip with it) from behind the tablet to hook it on top with your right hand.


The first time you do this it will be loose, so you’ll need to gauge the length to remove (put behind the knot).

Be careful with the spring in on the clip, don’t pull it too hard and expand it all the way.
You want the clip to rest in the middle or closer to the closed position then fully open position.
Also, you want the right spacing for the support bracket.

Next, I took the knot apart (with a precision screw driver) and took a bit of slack from both ends.
Notice the extra string after the knot.
My looped string length is 65mm.

Looking at the back of the Travel Clip, my distance from the bottom to the (bottom of the) upper clip ( ie the distance traveled when holding the tablet) is around 15-16mm.
Try to keep the same distance because if you have too much then the support bracket wont reach.

Bending the support bracket


With two pliers, you want to open the bracket to around 135° degrees, but first only open it up to 110° degrees and test it.

Put it over the clip and screw it in, you should see how much more it needs opening, then just repeat.
You want the metal to not touch the plastic when the weight is forward (upside down) but to hit the plastic spring housing when the weight is back (right way up and forcing down onto the support).

Taking the weight, upright (metal and plastic making contact):

No weight, on the side (there’s 1mm of space):

Here’s mine at the right angle for me.

Assembling the MOJO 7”

To assemble it with the support bracket you first fit the tablet to the to Travel Clip.
Next fit it to the CTRLR while holding the support bracket in place and screw it in.

Disassembling is the opposite procedure:

  • remove the screw
  • remove the support bracket
  • remove the clip
  • remove the tablet.

To keep it together, I feed the string through the Travel Clip and through the hole of the support bracket and over it’s self, like this:

I keep the screw on the CTRLR.

Review of the MOJO 7”


After a few days of use, removing and setting it up each time, I noticed the knots haven’t moved or even look like undoing.
The spring in the clip is still firm as it doesn’t need to open that much to hold the tablet.
There’s no signs of ware on the tablet from the hook.

That’s it for now, hope this helped someone.

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