Mad Catz M.O.J.O. Initial Hands-on-review

I like having the console stand vertically, it’s very stable. This book above isn’t level.


Update: 2014-03-02 Mad catz MOJO Final thoughts
Below is not maintained and out of date.

I’ve had my MOJO for a few days now, since the 28th of December 2013.
So I thought I would do a quick initial review.

First, here is me doing an unboxing for you:

Mad Catz MOJO Android Micro-Console Unboxing and setting up 28/12/2013

Setting up
Plug everything together, power it up and MOJO is up and running!
Very quick and easy :)

When going through the setup, USB/BT keyboard and a mouse is recommended as there is a lot of typing and clicking (network/account setup etc) which can take a long time with just the controller.

Next, you’ll notice a mad catz link on the main desktop, this is a walk-through guide on installing most common apps:

  • File explorer,
  • Set orientation
  • Flash plugin,
  • Dolphin browser and how to enable flash player,
  • How to update your firmware- if required,
  • How to side loading apps,
  • Registration

At the end there is a MOJO ‘portal’ link.

Finally, installing your apps from google play store, this is literally hit and miss but we’ll get to this later.

Here are my initial thoughts:

MOJO-Black-Monolith.jpg MOJO-Black-Monolith2.jpg

Click to see larger

The MOJO Pros

The Tegra 4 is very impressive, NOVA3 just doesn’t feel like a mobile game
but a AAA console game and plays flawlessly with all visuals on high.
It’s light reflection ability being a highlight.

Fast UI/Multi-tasking
Android on the MOJO is extremely snappy!
It multi-tasks with no lag or slow down, ie media player, opera, games, twitter, skype etc
I can quickly drop back to the desktop with a push of the mad catz button.
All apps so far are very responsive with no sign of slow down.

I’ll be doing a video on these soon, but for now here’s a list of what I’ve installed.

All installed from:
Which all support controllers:

If you don’t know which to get, I can recommend the .emu ones, easy to setup.
Or just install this:
Quick to set up ALL systems and includes most Sega/Nintendo consoles/portables, Doom/Quake & PSX

I installed these:
N64: Mupen64Plus AE
I start with the OUYA layout and change the D-pad and Z trigger buttons.
Easy to map controls, works well.
Roms must be .z64
Configure the graphics plug-in using the 10th Anniversary one, works the best.
Actually plays better then I expected! FPS work fine, driving games not that good.

SNES: Snes9xPlus
Works well, create a new profile and set the CTRLR.
Roms must be .smc

NES: NES.emu
Sega MegaDrive/Genius: MD.emu

All 8/16bit games I’ve test run at full speed, I haven’t tried PSX yet.

Media player
XBMC runs very well, locally and streaming media from my PC.
HD videos run with no glitching, very smooth.

Quick boot up
Boot up time is very fast, 25 seconds!
I’ve installed a few apps (opera, dolphin, NOVA3, Conduit HD, Meltdown, Dead trigger 2, beachbuggy, Twitter, wifi analyzer, emulators, Antutu Benchmark, skype, PDF reader, VLC, MX player, XMBC, demos) I guess there’s not much on it yet but impressive non the less.

I can pair my mini BT keyboard and surf/tweet/skype etc
Overall it works well, all alpha numeric keys work as expected.
However there’s mapping issues with the delete, shift and enter keys.

Play Ouya games
From http://forum.xda-dev … thread.php?t=2596802:

Every Ouya game seems to work very well or even better than on the Ouya. If you use the CTRL, some buttons seem to be mapped wrong, but this is not a big problem, most of the games can be played. If you own an Ouya, then you can even use the Ouya controller on the mojo, where you do not have wrong mapped buttons.

The only issue is that you can’t buy the full version of the games. But most of those games are free anyway. And all of the games are free to try. This way, you can play 500+ great games on the MOJO

Mad Catz MOJO NOVA3 30/12/2013 - recorded using my TV/Camera

The Controller Pros

Very sturdy, no faults with the analog sticks or buttons.
It weighs more then any controller I have used, around 12.6oz or 375gm.
Not uncomfortable as most of the weight is distributed evenly on both hands.
I’ve played over 100 hours with the same AAA batteries (The manual claim’s the batteries last up to 4 months!).
Very responsive and energy saving as claimed so far.
Feels and functions like a console gamepad.

The controller’s interface with Android via mouse mode is intuitive for web browsing (if you don’t use the virtual keyboard often).
The left analog stick acts as your mouse, A is left mouse click, B middle click, X right click or L1 L2 for left and right clicks.
The right analog stick scrolls the page the mouse is over up and down.
The diagonal pad moves the select cursor, use the start button as enter.
The back button is back or escape.
The Mad Catz logo button is the home screen button and holding it down is the app listing screen.
Media buttons volume +/- buttons works 100% and is very intuitively.
The back, play/pause and forward buttons work fine on XMBC and MX player.

PC support
Works as expected, no software installation required.
Windows automatically detected both the bluetooth Smart dongle and the controller.
If the game allows you to customise your controller layout, then there’s no problem and it really works great.
I also use the mouse mode on PC which is great because I can start and exit games from the couch with just the controller.

Travel ‘MogaPro’ Clip
It does hold the phone very snug and reliably.

Here the CTRLR holding my 7” tablet.
It’s kinda heavy holding it, close to 1 Kilo as a guess.
Overall, feels comfortable with the controller, like in front of the TV
It’s just fine rope and a small shelve bracket with tape wrapped around it.

Click here for my How-to:

Ethernet port, you can use the MOJO as a hotspot which acts as a wifi repeater.
Unfortunately I don’t have a PC with an NVIDA graphics card so I doubt I will be testing PC Game streaming via NVIDA GameStream support.
Looking forward to the Oculus Rift release, which is said to also support Android!

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