Comparing Ouya’s SDK (ODK) versus gamestick’s SDK.

Gamestick’s SDK looks more mature to me.
It’s better documented and supports native C++ (via JNI wrapper classes), ODK not officially! and has support for generic blue tooth controllers support.. while BT on Ouya (from others experiences) looks hacky at best.

Also gamestick SDK has social (leaderboard/Achievements) & analytics in it’s framework, which to my knowledge ouya does not. That alone is great for devs!

Another plus for gamestick, the controller has start and select buttons!!
(Ouya being an emulation device really miss-stepped there!)

What worried me was XMBC support on gamestick, but there are reports it will be supported.

And finally, free the funds fiasco:

“…we’ll understand if the game you can’t afford to make isn’t on OUYA.”
Can most indie devs afford to make games in general??
We do it in our spear time and live on savings to do it.. so this is a huge slap in the face for me!
Whoever wrote that, needs to be fired ASAP!
UPDATE Sept 19, Ouya has now changed ‘Free the games’ Fund.

So, all in all.. sadly, I’m not interested in ouya anymore.
Mostly due to the lack of C++ native and limited API.

Gamestick’s SDK
Ouya’s SDK

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