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October 2018, old site on archive.org

Welcome to mgarcia.org

Hi I’m Michael M. Garcia,

I’ve been interested in programming and game development since 1987.
We had a Commodore 64 and for a few years, I would program it from the old Usborne BASIC coding books borrowed from my school library.

In my later teens, I revisited programming and then bought a Net Yaroze in 1999.
In 2000, I started developing a 3D scrolling beat’em up, which only screen shots survived (found Oct. 2018).
I graduated Queensland University of Technology in 2001 (Ba info.sys) & (Grad Dip in ERP), got a job and moved.

In 2013, I revisited game development after the launch of Ouya, Mojo, etc.
I played with a few game engines, but none really held my interest long enough.
2016, I committed myself to (mostly) finishing a game on the Net Yaroze.
I made a simplified Doom clone, single or two player split screen game (demo).
2017, While considering my options, I wrote all my thoughts on the previous year developing on the Net Yaroze.
2018, Using the same Net Yaroze philosophies, I’m now developing for Nintendo’s 3DS, and it’s pretty much the same experience as the original Net Yaroze days!
I also host and manage the old PAL, SCEE region Net yaroze member’s site http://netyaroze-europe.com .
This was the home pages of the members only site.

I have a few friends which I follow and hang out with.
In my blog I write about what interests me regarding game development.
Topics includes games programming, 3d Modeling, game engines, TV android consoles and gaming industry in general.
Check the blog for updates.

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