Nintendo N64 - Homebrew starting guide

I’m documenting my N64 development here.
This is the start of my journey with the Nintendo N64, so here’s a bit of my background with it.
I’ve never had one!
To be honest, I don’t think I’ve even played one!

But as of 9th of December 2017, I bought a ‘cheap’ N64 on ebay for $160AUD.
I put in a low bid, thinking I would be out bid and oh well, I guess I’m committed now!

Original NINTENDO 64 PAL console in original box with instruction booklet and all original plastic bags, chord and controller.
Extras include authentic expansion pack, extra controller, 2 rumble packs and jumper pack.
Excellent condition.
All original and authentic.

My next purchase will be the 64drive.
Expensive, but not that bad for a N64 ‘development kit’ ;)
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