Mad Catz MOJO - CTRLR Disassembled

After using my 7” tablet with the CTRLR, I started to wonder why the CTRLR weighs so much?
So I decided to open it and see.

Sorry about the small resolution photos, I only had an ipod 3MP camera.

Click on each photo to see larger.

You’ll need a Torx Screwdriver kit, I think it’s the T6 or T7 size, but you are better of with a precision kit which includes Torx.

It’s weighed down by two counter weights which put most of the weight on the palms, this makes the CTRLR feel balanced.
I’ve removed mine to try out for a while, especially while using the 7” tablet on it.
It does feel very light, hollow, unbalanced and cheap, so I’ll most likely put them back really soon!
* I put the weights back a week later, it made the 7” tablet too top heavy.


The internals are screwed in with a few Phillips screws, noticing the build quality it looks very well built.
The analog stick pots and the analog triggers units look a bit bigger then what I’ve seen before (PS3 controllers).

Here is the back molding, notice the mound where the Travel clip screws into, it’s not one piece.
It looks like it slides in but it can’t slide out, I’m guess it’s fused in there.
There’s a bit of plastic in the screw mount, so it does look sturdy to me and gives me more confidence putting my 7” tablet on it.

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